authentic puerto rican pan sobao


Bread Flour

Active Dry Yeast



Kosher Salt


mix equal parts bread flour and water, then add yeast. Mix the concoction together and cover with plastic wrap. Allow this to sit at room temperature for eight hours. Transfer it to the fridge for an additional twenty-four hours.

Prepare the starter


gradually mix in the bread flour until a soft, supple dough forms. Switch to the dough hook as the dough begins to develop.

Make that dough


allow the dough to rise, covered, until doubled in bulk or 1 hour. Punch the dough down and allow it to rest for 15 minutes.

let it rise


shape the dough into two logs. Place the logs onto a sheetpan, then cover with a towel and  allow them to rise until doubled in bulk.

roll with it


on its own as sandwich bread in bread pudding for french toast as a pillow (just kidding...or am I?)


Great recipe and definitely worth repeating! I tried using this to make French toast as you suggest in the post and it was a huge hit in my house!

- Nart

I love your post and recipe. So informative and detailed. The shots where you show how to make it step by step make all the difference to a newbie in bread making like me. Thank you for this recipe.

- Jenny

I have tried to make pan sobao with two recipes before this one. They came out terrible… inedible terrible. This recipe I’ve made twice already and both times the bread came out like bakery bought pan soboa. My wife and I love it. Nice job Marta!

- Javi