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About Marta

I’m a chef with no restaurant. I graduated, with honors, from culinary school and sauntered into the “Industry” without a place to call my own; so, I created it. This is my kitchen- my space.

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This looks so yummy I am always looking for new recipes!

This looks fantastic! I haven’t made chicken piccata in a long time. Pinning this for next time I do!

Your kids are hilarious lol! & wow their school started late, or mind started early (a month ago) ?. So I’ve never tried preparing picatta anything but I bet it smells amazing in your kitchen when you’re preparing this recipe!


I’m not a big fan of capers, but I love everything else in this dish! I’m still pinning this for sure, because it looks fabulous and simple to make

I LOVE chicken piccata. Never tired to make it myself though

well i do have fettucine in my pantry, so… 🙂

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